Public Safety Engineer - Subject Matter Expert

Location: Phoenix, AZ
Date Posted: 05-04-2017
RF Engineer Public Safety
JOB Responsibilities:  The Public Safety Engineering (PSE) will be responsible to support the public safety (indoor) system deployment for regional and national projects. 
  • Main point-of-contact and subject-matter-expert (SME) on Public Safety (indoor) Systems
  • Work with Design Center to complete public safety (PS) survey and design package.
  • Work with regional and national team to identify and communicate with local AHJ requirements and procedures.
  • Work with regional and national team to assist in PS installation and turn-up as needed.
  • Work with vendors and regional teams to complete PS system integration and commissioning
  • Perform data collection for coverage, audio quality measurement, and system performance optimization for PS systems as required
  • Work with local AHJ to submit test results and certification for permits and support AHJ PS Audits as needed
  • Support maintenance and monitoring, alarm response, and post-deployment troubleshooting of PS systems
  • Understand the technology advancement and PS Radio Equipment, Portables, PS spectrums and technologies, PS DAS OEM development, including the development on FirstNet
  • Provide technical guidance and sales support to regional and national team in terms of PS solution selections, shared vs. non-shared DAS architecture, cost and functionality comparison, performance analysis, etc.
  • Participate and support reviews and customer meetings to present PS solutions and proposals
  • Develop standardize documentation to address PS design, signal coverage testing, audio quality DAQ measurement, system performance optimization, acceptance and certification.
  • Develop and train the internal resources to meet the increasing demands and growth of PS indoor projects
Experience: Minimum 5 – 7 Years of RF engineering experience in Public Safety systems (VHF, UHF, 700/800 SMR, and FirstNet), and a proven record of success in design, deploy, testing/optimization, acceptance and certification of PS Indoor Systems and with local AHJ’s. 
Education: Bachelor of Science Electrical Engineering (BSEE) degree or higher preferred.
Skill-sets: Computer – Proficient in MS Word, Excel, Projects, PowerPoint, Outlook, Google Mail, and Google Documents
FCC Radio License for Public Safety (GROL or equivalent) required
Familiar with iBWave Design Tool and Wireless Data Collection Tools
Familiar with PS Standards and Test Protocols
Familiar with PS Radio Equipment and Portables, and PS DAS OEMs
Extensive knowledge of local AHJ requirements and certification and permitting process
Skills needed for this position.  Ranked on a scale of 1 – 5, with 5 being most important:
  3 Organizational Skills 3 Leadership
  5 Team Building / Teamwork 4 Motivational
  4 Mentoring 5 Multitasking
  3 Negotiating 5 Communication
  4 Adaptability 3 Entrepreneurial
  5 Commitment 5 Self-Starting
  3 Creativity 4 Presentation Skills
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